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If you haven’t jumped on the home cook bandwagon, it’s time to get on board. Here’s our cure to the food & wine lovers quarantine woes.

At one time, Chenin Blanc was the most planted grape in the Napa Valley. Then it drifted into oblivion. Until now.

Serves: 4
Active Time: 35-40 minutes
gluten-free, dairy-free

Serves: 4
Active Time: 35-40 minutes
vegetarian, vegan

Serves: 4
Active Time: 40 minutes

Serve: 4
Active Time: 40 minutes
vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free

Serves: 4
Active Time: 35-40 minutes
dairy free, gluten-free options

Serves: 4
Active Time 45-50 minutes
lacto-veg & gluten-Free options

One of the world’s most well-known wines is also one of the most intriguing.

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