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Meet Loisa Co-founder, Scott Hattis

Five people standing in front of kitchen counter with Loisa products

Loisa co-founder Scott Hattis headshotOur friends at Loisa are bringing Caribbean-Latin flavors to kitchens around the United States. And we couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to their brand. Quality ingredients are at the heart of Loisa’s product—with balanced seasonings and a vibrant cooking sauce. Loisa is all about hearty, flavorful dishes that bring family and friends together. What better way to do that than with tasty dishes meant to be shared.

As the first Vietnamese-owned winery in Napa, it was our calling to craft a selection of versatile wine that pairs with dishes beyond the status quo. This season, we showcase just how delicioso the pairings can get with Loisa’s Latin-inspired sauces. We caught up with Loisa co-founder, Scott Hattis, to learn why he started his business and what he hopes people experience when they try his products.

What inspired you to start your business?

We (myself and my co-founder/ longtime friend Kenny Luna) were inspired to create Losia when we were both starting families and wanted to feel good about passing our family’s Dominican heritage foods onto our children. The heart of Latin food is flavor, so we started with Sazón and Adobo. These two seasoning blends are staple products in any Caribbean-Latin household. But, the options that are widely available are made with artificial dyes and unnecessary fillers that we did not feel comfortable feeding to our children. So, we upgraded these seasonings with only USDA-approved organic spices and sea salt – the way they were meant to be made and have been for generations before big food brands added in junk ingredients. Once we got started, we found that so many other people within the community were looking for these products and so grateful to Loisa for making them. We get messages and reviews every day from customers who express that they’re so happy they can feel good about using these ingredients to make the heritage foods they love. We’re super proud to be serving the community and building a brand representing Caribbean-Latin cuisine and culture that everyone can be proud of.

What do you love most about food and cooking?

I love that food brings family and friends together – and in Latin culture, this is especially true. At Loisa, we like to say “all good things happen in the kitchen.” It’s not only a place to make food, but a place to gather, make memories, and pass on heritage. One of my favorite dishes to cook with my family is pasteles. Pasteles are similar to Mexican tamales but made with a plantain-based masa instead of corn and wrapped in a banana leaf instead of a corn husk. This dish is very nostalgic for me as it’s one of the first Latin dishes I learned how to make with my wife’s family.

Chicken dish in a blue bowl

What is your go-to comfort food?

Mofongo! Every time! My favorite in New York is from Casa Adela in the Lower East Side.

Describe your dream dinner. Who’s there, what are you eating, what are you drinking?

Definitely dinner with my family – hopefully we’re having pasteles along with carne guisada, white rice, and some crispy tostones (made with Loisa’s durable Tostonera).

Loisa sauces and seasonings next to empanadas

What is your hope for people experiencing your product for the first time?

It’s our mission at Loisa to inspire more people to cook Latin foods more often. We hope that anyone who uses our products, whether they’re trying these flavors for the first time, or they’ve been eating them their whole lives, feels good about using them in lots of dishes in the kitchen for cultural dishes and more.

Are you a wine drinker? Any particular kind of wine you’re loving right now?

If my wife, Anna, and I can get away from the kids for a glass of wine, definitely! I love a good natural red wine.

What most excites you about this food and wine pairing?

Super excited that this partnership is all rooted in celebrating and representing Loisa and RD Winery’s respective cultures. We’ve found so much power in representation at Loisa and we’re proud to be partnering with a brand like RD that is doing similar work.