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Napa Custom Crush &
Bottling Services

Behind the cellar doors.

Whether you’re a new wine brand just getting started or at the helm of a sizable company aiming for expansion, our custom crush and bottling services can make your vision possible. Welcome to the RD Winery Collective.

Modern Facility, Cooperative Expertise

Within the walls of our 25,000 SF, modern Napa custom crush facility, we make developing and owning a wine brand accessible through the RD Winery Collective. Each client’s winemaker will collaborate with our experienced team to bring their goals and objectives to life. Clients choose us, vintage after vintage, as their cooperative winery because we supply the professional tools and an excellent cellar support team to allow them to realize their vision.

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

Make the wine you envision without compromise. We understand quality, high-touch winemaking because that’s what we do for our own brand. Through the years, clients from across the state have worked with us for their custom crush and bottling needs because of our:

  • Clean and organized facility—Proper sanitation is paramount to excellent winemaking
  • Responsiveness to requests—Winemaking is full of surprises, even with the best planning. We are nimble and equipped to help you past any hurdles.
  • Affordability—We help clients find long term success. Choosing our facility will allow you to grow your Napa dream.
  • Trustworthiness—We believe in transparency and will keep you informed and follow work order instructions to the best of our ability.

At a Glance

Winemaking Services

We work with brands and businesses of all sizes to meet their crush needs.

We have 17,000SF of temperature controlled storage for barrels.

We have a large number and range of tank capacities that can store bulk wine throughout the year. Storage in some vessels is dependent on harvest demands.

Our on site Gai Bottling Line can handle your bottling needs.

If having an alternating proprietorship is your goal along with custom crush, we can be your Host Winery.

Facility Equipment

• Pellenc Selectiv Destemmer
• In-house lab analysis utilizing a FOSS
• Portable density meter (DMA) to track fermentations
• Hot and cold temperature-controlled fermentation tanks
• Access to fermentation & aging data through InnoVint


We have crushed for large well known winery brands as they awaited rebuilds of their own winery facilities along with smaller brands that feature only one label and one variety. We work with projects of all shapes and sizes. The important commonality among all of our clients is that each of them has their own winemaker who will make all relevant decisions for the product.

We recommend the sooner the better. Even if you haven’t finalized your fruit contracts, it’s important that you reserve the space you will need for the coming harvest.

Yes, we bottle for our custom crush clients, our Alternating Proprietorship clients, as well as other folks who have made their wine elsewhere or have purchased bulk wine.

Yes, we have several clients for whom we serve as overflow barrel storage.

No, we recommend those who are interested in obtaining a winery license to pursue those avenues with their lawyer or compliance specialist.

Custom Crush Inquiry

We enjoy the collaborative experience of working with a variety of winemakers. If you are interested in becoming a custom crush client or engaging our services for wine production or custom bottling, please fill out the form below:

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