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Are You Making the Most of Summer?

Our top tips for making it last.

It’s that golden season when the weather’s just right, the days are long, produce is at its best, and we feel an inherent need to do everything and yet nothing all at once. The truth is, summer never quite lasts long enough. Even though, technically summer has just begun, after 4th of July it feels like a quick slide into early autumn.

To help you make the most of the precious weeks ahead, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite ways to keep the vacay vibes alive.

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Plan a Trip

Having something to look forward to is one of the best ways to build anticipation and stretch out the excitement. If you’re a planner, then this is probably your happy place. If you’re not, enlist the help of a friend who thrives on research and organizing, to put an itinerary together.

You don’t have to go big. Exploring your local scene as a tourist can be an unexpectedly refreshing experience. To start, visit your county or state’s tourism office website for ideas. Make a list of the attractions, restaurants, and coffee shops you’ve always wanted to visit in town. Step up your staycation with an overnight in a hotel. You’ll be surprised how much of a “getaway-feel” your local stay brings.

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Get Together with Friends

Whether you hit up a nearby watering hole or plan a backyard BBQ, spending time with your favorite people can help you maximize every minute of summer. Pair happy hour with an activity like hiking before, or bowling after. You’ll feel like you really got some quality time in.

For a BBQ, set up lawn games like corn hole, badminton, lawn bowling, or ladder toss. You can find inexpensive options for many of these activities online or make your own with a little help from Pinterest.

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Immerse Yourself in a Hobby

The perfect way to capture that summer slow-down feel is to spend the day focused on a beloved hobby. From crafting and art projects to sinking into a good book or podcast, give yourself the freedom to just let time pass.

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Enjoy Nature

Warm weather and sunny days are begging us to get out and explore the natural landscape. Take your kids to the park, explore a new route on your morning jog, or hit the trail for a day hike. Wherever you go, stash your phone in your pocket and get away from the bustle– breathe in the fresh air, listen to the birds, and soak up the sights we so often take for granted.

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Embrace Seasonal Food & Drink

When summer produce starts rolling into the grocery store and fruit stands begin popping up along the highway, it elicits a pavlovian response for sure. This is the season to enjoy fruits and vegetables fresh from the source. Prepare these ingredients simply to taste all the nuances of their fully ripened state. Rather than buying canned or jarred sauces, try blending your own with ingredients from your local farmer’s market.

Light up the BBQ. Grilling proteins, vegetables, even fruits (i.e. grilled peaches) means fewer dishes to do and more time spent relaxing and watching the sun set. It also means you don’t heat up the house.

What goes great with dishes from the grill? Wine, of course! During the warmer months, we find ourselves reaching for Rosé, Sauvignon Blanc, and Grüner Veltliner regularly. Each of these wines offers vibrant, fruity flavors, and finishes clean and crisp. They’re also quite versatile and easily pair with a range of cuisines. On the red end of the spectrum, try Syrah or our Red Blend with BBQ meats or even pizza.

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Visit RD Winery

At RD Winery, you can be assured a casual, breezy afternoon. Plan a visit and spend the day idly on our covered patio with a glass of wine. Or make a reservation for our Fifth Moon Food & Wine Pairing and taste what ingredients have inspired Chef Max for the summer season.

Wherever you go and however you spend your days, we hope you find an opportunity to take pause, appreciate the moment, and make this summer one to remember. And if you happen to have an empty glass, fill it up with RD!