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Red wine poured into a glass

A Note from Our CEO, Mailynh Phan

Happy New Year, Friends!

Being deep in the trenches of building a brand, it’s easy to forget to look up and see just how far we’ve come. After launching our tasting room in July of 2020 only to battle COVID closures followed by awful wildfires, there were admittedly moments when the world felt apocalyptic. While we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, hope felt more tangible, and overall, 2021 felt far more positive.

This past year our tasting room hosted folks from all over the country along with folks from our neighboring communities. (Shout out to our local regulars!) In July, we celebrated our first anniversary with our inaugural Summer Moon Festival. We continue to receive positive feedback on our wines and our tasting room team, who are thoughtfully executing our mission to create a safe and comfortable space that is welcoming to all.

In 2021, we launched a food program with the help of Chef Max to showcase the versatility of our Fifth Moon wines as we dive deeper into our goal of promoting diversity through food and wine pairings. We also launched the RD State of Mind community and the Seasonal Foodie subscription. Finally, our Hundred Knot Khoai wines were released, the pinnacle expressions of terroir.

From our cellar, we expanded our Collective, which serves as a home for some smaller brands, as well as a facilitator for larger ones. Our wine/beer/cider community has grown significantly, and our once semi-empty facility was bustling during harvest. Our amazing cellar team crushed 550 tons in the 2021 harvest, the most we have ever done out of this winery!

As we look to the year ahead, our greatest wish for 2022 is that we can provide more opportunities to bring people together—whether it’s at the winery or around your kitchen table. We toast to our collective health, wellbeing, community, and good wine. Cheers!