Named for the Vietnamese holiday celebrating the Summer Solstice, Fifth Moon inspires ideas of celebration, rebirth and community. Uncommon varieties sourced from off the beaten path California vineyards, Fifth Moon wines are joyful, fresh, and easy drinking.

Style & Approach

Winemaker Timothy Milos uses innovative applications of traditional winemaking techniques that highlight the unique traits of each individual variety. A minimalist approach reveals and sculpts the distinctiveness of each site and grape. There is no magic formula; we approach each decision uniquely in response to the wine’s life with our end goal in mind.The wines are vibrant, thought provoking, and possess a unique character that speak directly to those seeking transparency and authenticity without sacrificing pleasure and enjoyment.

Vineyard Sources

Making terroir-driven, site specific wines takes tremendous insight into not only the site itself, but meticulous stewardship and care of the vineyard by those who know it best. We source from individual growers throughout California who are dedicated to sustainability and quality viticulture and are fortunate to have access to high-quality fruit. A reciprocal relationship of the highest order, we work collaboratively with our vineyard partners ensuring what we taste in the vineyard is what ends up in the bottle.