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Recipes & Wine Pairings

It’s not just for summer. Here’s how to drink it year-round.

We’re embracing all the cozy, wintery vibes with two Yule menu ideas and festive wines to pair.

So many classic Hanukkah dishes were made for wine. If you’re down with forgoing kosher, then let’s get pairing!

Hosting Christmas dinner but wanna change things up? We’ve paired our favorite easy-to-make recipes with the perfect wines.

A memorable meal is only enhanced by great wines to sip alongside. Here are our favorite picks for classic Kwanzaa dishes.

Serves: 4
Active Time: 40 minutes

If you haven’t jumped on the home cook bandwagon, it’s time to get on board. Here’s our cure to the food & wine lovers quarantine woes.

Serves: 4
Active Time: 35-40 minutes
gluten-free, dairy-free

Serves: 4
Active Time: 35-40 minutes
vegetarian, vegan

Serve: 4
Active Time: 40 minutes
vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free

Serves: 4
Active Time: 35-40 minutes
dairy free, gluten-free options

Serves: 4
Active Time 45-50 minutes
lacto-veg & gluten-free options

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