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Unique Napa Valley Food & Wine Pairing

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fifth moon wine food pairing

Fifth Moon Food Pairings

Friday through Sunday

Food and wine like you’ve never experienced before. Our Fifth Moon Food & Wine Pairing Menu treats your tastebuds to an incredible lineup of our Fifth Moon wines alongside five Asian dishes.

Rancho Gordo popcorn, ginger, lemongrass, shallot, garlic, curry powder, palm sugar (GF)

poached shrimp tossed in fine herbs and Yuzu juice, kimchi cocktail sauce, celery leaves

beet, romaine, carrot, cabbage, mint, tamarind sweet chili, puffed rice paper

spring pea, dashi, chili oil, micro herbs

ginger braised pork, hoisin and red beet bbq, wasabi slaw

wine and chocolate pairings

Chocolate & Wine Pairing Featuring Socola Chocolatier

Thursday through Monday

Wine meets chocolate and it’s life-altering. We’ve partnered with San Francisco-based chocolatier Socola for a decadent wine and chocolate tasting experience. Socola’s handcrafted artisanal chocolate truffles are inspired by the diverse flavors of Vietnam.

An aromatic delight with crisp notes of white peach, orange blossoms, and lemongrass, backed by steely minerality that will prepare your palate for the adventure to come.

This pairing is reminiscent of dark chocolate-dipped fruit on a warm summer’s day. Flavors of peach, gooseberry, and green apples from the Sauvignon Blanc complement the strawberry characteristics of the lychee. Each brings its own unique floral and citrus notes to round out the duo.

The earthy flavor of the matcha is balanced out by the sweetness of the white chocolate and powdered sugar. Its decadent flavors melt in your mouth, smoothing away the slight bitterness of the matcha. The earthy flavors contrast the radiating flavors of the Meyer Lemon, Golden Delicious apple, and stone fruit of the Khoai Chardonnay. All the while, the hints of roasted cashew, blanched almond, and flaky croissant complement the creamy characteristics of the matcha chocolate. The Chardonnay’s acidity also helps cleanse the palate between bites, allowing you to fully appreciate the nuances of both the wine and the chocolate.

This sweet and savory combination seamlessly weaves baking spices of clove, star of anise, and black pepper from both the Zinfandel and the pho. The bright red fruits of strawberry and Rainier cherry from the Zinfandel are rounded out by the pho’s delightful umami notes.

Rich and indulgent, the Vietnamese coffee chocolate combines the bold flavors of chicory with the creamy sweetness of chocolate. Notes of dark roast coffee beans are beautifully balanced by the luxurious texture of the chocolate. The robust dark fruit flavors (black cherry, plum, and bramble) as well as the interwoven spice notes from the Hundred Knot Merlot complement the rich truffle. Simultaneously, the velvety texture of the Merlot provides a luxurious backdrop for the indulgent treat.

rose with springrolls

Snacks & Treats

We also have a selection of snacks and treats to enjoy á la carte.

SMALL $22 ($18) | LARGE $26 ($22)
assorted cheeses, mixed nuts, cured meat

4 assorted cheeses, jams, mixed nuts
$24 ($20)

dark chocolate cabernet, dark chocolate salted caramel,
tart cherry cabernet, milk chocolate cabernet

delicious gourmet popcorn.

plum sauce, swiss cheese, spring onion relish

ginger braised pork, hoisin and red beet BBQ, wasabi slaw

farmer’s market vegetables, garlic and miso hummus, extra
virgin olive oil, black sesame powder
(V)(GF) $15

beet, romaine, carrot, cabbage, mint, tamarind sweet chili
(V)(GF) $15

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