Inspired by Vietnamese culture and tradition, we build bridges and relationships over the joys of lively conversation, exciting food, and great wine.

Our Values


We believe in crafting wine that is memorable. Capturing every nuance through the purest expression ensures maximum enjoyment.


Under every cork and behind every smile is a good old-fashioned desire to bring more joy into the world. It is our hope that these simple acts will spark something big.


Drinking wine can be both very social and very personal. We embrace these experiences and the collective appreciation that unite us.


Our winery’s ethos is inspired by our founder’s altruism. At the heart of everything we do is a passion for building community and a place where all feel welcome. Mr. Dong’s legacy is a reminder to never shy away from the impossible.
Dong Van Nguyen

FOUNDER: Dong Van Nguyen

Our story begins an ocean away, with an inspiring rags-to-riches tale. Dong Van Nguyen was born into a family of 9 in the Quảng Ngãi province along the South Central Coast of Vietnam. Although they were quite poor, Mr. Dong’s father instilled a sense of agency in his children at an early age.

As a young man, Mr. Dong set his sights on construction and real estate. With the support of relatives, he borrowed the money to construct his first building in a rural district in Southeast Vietnam. His vision and commitment to quality throughout the process were recognized by the people, and he quickly became the primary builder of key infrastructure in the region.

Mr. Dong started his first company, Rang Dong Group (named for the rising sun), in 1994. Though his enterprises grew, he maintained his compassionate approach to business and high standards for quality. The Vietnamese government honored him as a ‘Hero of Labor” for his hand in job creation. In addition to his benevolence, Mr. Dong also gained a reputation for doing the impossible.

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In 1997, along the pristine bay of Mui Ne, Mr. Dong transformed a barren stretch of sand dunes into a stunning, lush beach resort and golf club. Sea Links City has become one of the region’s leading tourism destinations.

Bringing people together over food and drink became a passion project for Mr. Dong. A wine lover and avid collector, he visited the Napa Valley and became so charmed by the region’s wine country that he was inspired to start a winery of his own.

RD Winery was established in 2011, and the first grapes were processed the following harvest. For the next six years, wine was solely made for export to Vietnam. With a desire to begin sharing the wines with the US market, production grew, and in 2019 sights were set on an inviting tasting room. In the summer of 2020, we opened our doors to the public for the first time.

Currently, Mr. Dong resides in Vietnam and is establishing a nature reserve in the Hong Liem Forest.

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